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Since we announced our partnership with SNK, there’s been plenty of buzz as to what characters we are actually doing. End of 2017, we announced Iori Yagami as our first 1:4 scale statue from the line.
Today we are proud to show off the second character in the iconic KOF ’98 line up to be given the iconic HMO treatment that our collectors have come to love as a symbol of rarity and prestige in their collections.
When we showed off our character line-up from SNK, our closed focus group remarked and asked if we were worried that there were other collectibles out there in the market in the same line.
To which, Dr. Daniel Chao, co-founder replied, “HMO regards our partnerships as an great honour, an honour we are given to work with iconic characters from our childhood and popular culture. While we highly respect other artists’ work – they are doing great things, we do not spend our time worrying about what others are doing, but would rather focus all our attention on delivering a product that is truly timeless and highly sought after, one that is truly HMO for our fans.”
This makes an exciting year ahead with many upcoming statue releases that are looking to stun and impress!
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