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Statue Collector should rejoice for the newly re-opening of Funan. Why? Cause there will be a modern statue collector shop opening!

The re-opening of Funan shopping mall is truly a big event in Singapore. I was once a frequent visitor there before the renovation. The once popular mega IT mall has transformed itself into something even more extraordinary.

I am also excited to learn about one of HMO’s licensed retailer will be having a display shop there as well. It was an honor to be invited to his opening with many other new and returning iconic shops at Funan.

You will find Chris’s modern statue shop “The Collector Base” on the 4th floor together with other eye-catching retailers on the floor.

Once approaching the shop, you will see this modern industrialize renovation. You will see many great-looking statues displaying on the Collector Base’s storefront display. As walking closer towards the shop, I immediately recognize two of HMO iconic busts displaying there.

It was tear dropping seeing Beauty Beauties displaying inside Chris’s very well made custom cases. Instantly, I was telling myself,

” What a pair of an amazing piece of art!”

Please spare me from commenting great things about HMO’s statues, ha-ha.

As I walked in, more amazing A1 metal printed artworks surprises me, you will see them hanging up on both sides of the store. These are concept artworks done by Vinrylgrave, and The Collector Base is their official distributor in Singapore! Many visitors were inquiring about them as well, while I am also one of them drooping over these amazing art pieces.

Walking further down the shop, you will find more HMO statues, the infamous IP from Bounty of Bathos! The big display case holding the two rivals next to each other – Ren and Crow King!

There will be more statues coming to be displayed at “The Collector Base” from HMO. If you happen to be around the area, do drop by to visit and say hi to Chris, he will be more than happy to share his vision with you about his shop!

Happy Collecting Everyone! Till next time!

Collector Base - Bounties of Bathos

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