Bounties of Bathos – Ren Premium Framed photo paper poster

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HMO Premium Photo Print Posters

HMO in conjunction with our premium statue lines, we are introducing our premium photo paper prints to display together with your statue collections. These art prints will enhance your statue display area, especially to go well with your bathos statues collections.


This is where the story of Ren, takes place, A sniper from the small city of Cera, she was trained in the art of combat from a very early age, after a dreadful incident, she gained physical and mental enhancements. These metallic enhancements are called M.E.C.H. MECH are the trademark of the hunters in bathos.

As a child brought up for a purpose, her quest is to stop and on-going war that is being fought between the clans of bathos. Her mission becomes more complicated, when her real target, is revealed to be the Queen Mother of bathos, who has been enslaving humanity, since the beginning.

With aid from a powerful Hunter named Necrosis. They discover how deep the conspiracy goes. Ren then becomes the most wanted hunter in bathos. The people coming to believe that the chosen child has come. Is Ren the chosen one? Can she save the people? Time will tell


License: Hand Made Object Limited
Product: Premium Photo Print
Manufacturer: Hand Made Object Limited
Dimensions: W24" x H36"
Concept: Kobe Sek
Art Direction: HMO Design and Development Team