Bounties of Bathos – Sorrow – “Aqua Knight”

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Edition Size: Rare Limited Edition of 200 pieces
Licensed Regions: Worldwide

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HMO’s Bounties of Bathos – SORROW – “The Aqua Knight”

HMO Collectibles is proud to present Sorrow, the next in the limited edition Bounties of Bathos line up.

Bring home Sorrow, which represents the Aqua-Knight in true form. Colour that breathes life into your collection: Deep blue shades transit to beautiful teal tones and orange punctuates in this amazing color combination piece. Designed to tease your senses and incorporate experimental elements, Sorrow in 1:4 scale was created by the world-class HMO Creative Team and is a truly unique character based on a conceptual world.

Standing at 17.4 inches tall and cast in high-quality resin. Sorrow gives you:

“Your choice of display between 2 heads and 3 portrait configurations of helmeted without a visor, helmeted with visor and non-helmet variations”

“Time to admire hyper-detailed mecha and organic design designed with engineering in mind, characteristic of Bounties of Bathos characters”

“A new level of realism with water effects multi-stage-casted with swirling blood effects”

“A story-telling base with realistic severed Zectus’s hand”

The Bounties of Bathos line was specially created for a special breed of collectors, concept art lovers and close supporters of HMO. Lock-in your Sorrow now… there will not be a reproduction on this piece!


Sorrow is one of the four Knights of Conner, the servants of the Crow King. Her armor is said to be forged in the legendary city of Atlantis and is imbued with magic that grants its wearer the ability to breathe and move with great agility underwater. Not much is known about the armor or what it is made of, but it is tougher and lighter than titanium alloy and repels not just bullets but even laser blasts. She wields a Moonlight Sword, which she found on an island in Dinabus, an ancient planet where countless battles had been fought since the beginning of time. The blade is forged from a meteorite of unknown origin and can cut through any material. She keeps a close watch of the best hunters on different planets. When she considers them strong enough, they become her prey, and she, the predator. A champion of the Crow King, Sorrow is an ardent collector of weapons – souvenirs from her battles, she thinks. She watches Bathos closely in anticipation of the next worthy opponent…


Bounties of Bathos – Sorrow Aqua Edition


Bounties of Bathos – Sorrow Aqua Edition


License Regions: Worldwide
Shipping Date: EST. 2Q 2020
Scale: 1/4 Scale Poly-Resin Statue
Edition Size: 200
Manufacturer: Hand Made Object Limited
Product Height: TBD
Product Shipping Size: TBD
Product Shipping Weight: TBD
Special Features and Materials: Crafted from cold-cast porcelain
  Hand Crafted to Perfection



Sculpt: Mufizal Mokhtar
Paint: Jame Tce
Art Direction: HMO Design and Development Team


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