Bounties of Bathos – Necrosis Framed photo paper poster

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HMO Premium Photo Print Posters

HMO in conjunction with our premium statue lines, we are introducing our premium photo paper prints to display together with your statue collections. These art prints will enhance your statue display area, especially to go well with your bathos statues collections.


Necrosis is the first human clone on Bathos. He was created in a lab by Zero, to kill Zectus. After the disappearance Of Zero. He became the guardian of Ren. Helping her on her Quest in Bathos. His only goal is that Ren achieves her victory. Not much is known of this clone apart from the fact he has incredible strength and only speaks to Ren. His armor and weapons have taken inspiration from an Ancient warrior on Earth one called samurai. He wields plated amour and a Wakizashi sword.


License: Hand Made Object Limited
Product: Premium Photo Print
Manufacturer: Hand Made Object Limited
Dimensions: W24" x H36"
Concept: Silva Brothers: 
  Leonardo Silva
  A. Murti
Art Direction: HMO Design and Development Team