Beastly Beauties – Siren Premium Canvas Print

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HMO Premium Canvas Prints

HMO in conjunction with our premium statue lines, we are introducing our premium canvas prints to display together with your statue collections. These art prints will enhance your statue display area, combine with various sizes to match your style.


With the Sirens, mythology has created a physical personification of the danger of falling for a beautiful woman. As any man knows, beautiful women can be dangerous.  In Greek mythology, some beautiful women can be straight up deadly.

The Sirens of Greek mythology began specifically as a group of creatures who looked like beautiful women but were really man-eating beasts.  They sat on the shore and sang with voices so seductive and compelling that anyone who heard their song became absolutely mesmerized with them.  So mesmerized, in fact, that they became obsessed with reaching the shore to get closer to the sound. And then the Sirens would eat them.


License: Hand Made Object Limited
Product: Premium Canvas Print
Manufacturer: Hand Made Object Limited
Dimensions: W24" x H36"
  W18″ x H24″
  W16″ x H20″
  W16″ x H16″
  W12″ x H12″
Concept: Kobe Sek
Art Direction: HMO Design and Development Team