HX Project is a collaborative vision founded by industry veterans and innovative producers to bring to market a uniquely styled line of 1/6 scale designer statues. This sleek art form will be applied to the hugely popular and successful Avengers Assemble characters.

This Stylized approach has been specially selected to best represent dynamic action and movements reflective of the Avengers Assemble Characters such as Captain America, Black Widow or Thor. Being 1/6 scale in size, this range also works well as dynamic dioramas set ups; imagine an epic battle scene between Hulk and Juggernaut!

To set a new standard in innovative collectibles, this line will be packed with features like Augmented Reality (AR), Switchable parts and Collectors Tokens which also double up as clever mechanisms to power the AR applications.

Not to be confused with mass market collectibles, this is a very limited, low Edition Size line (not more than 300 pieces per design worldwide), It is a representation of HX project’s commitment to deliver innovative, premium designer range of 1/6 scale collection to the most discerning collectors with an appreciation of stylish art forms.

Combining good surfacing techniques for the paint finishing, highly detailed parts with Stylized approach in terms of silhouettes and proportions – This line is truly aesthetically unique and artistic.

The HX Project team is very excited, passionate and looks forward to bringing collectors a new standard in 1/6 scale statue collectibles.