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Hi guys, two important announcements, please read:

1. On Issue of Non-Official Sellers

HMO has been informed on non-official sellers taking Pre-Orders for Zero even before 21 April 18 with varying amounts of deposits.

I would like to remind all customers that no official seller is supposed to do that.

As all official sellers of HMO have been screened to have a good track record, when you purchase from a non-official seller, you run the risks of: scams, not receiving your product and more.

I suggest that all of you only purchase from sellers that HMO has worked with in the past, this is the latest list of all official HMO distributors:

All Official HMO Retailers for ZERO (direct supply from HMO):

1/ G-Link (North East Asia):
2/ Simply Toys (Singapore):
3/ Toy Industries Pte Ltd (Thim) (Singapore):
4/ Sathish Pillai (Singapore) Sathish Pillai
5/ Toys Cafe (Indonesia) :
6/ Shiok Toys (Malaysia):
7/ Primo (Malaysia):
8/ Intrinseque Collectibles (India): Nitin Jain
9/ Iron Studios (Brazil):
10/ PBM: (EU)
11/Toybeat (Singapore):
12/ HIVE Online Store:

All Official HMO Retailers (for other products):
1/ G-Link (North East Asia):
2/ Simply Toys (Singapore):
3/ Sathish Pillai (Singapore + Australia) Sathish Pillai
4/ Toy Industries Pte Ltd (Thim) (Singapore):
5/ Toys Cafe (Niko) :
6/ Shiok Toys (Malaysia):
7/ Primo (Malaysia):
8/ Intrinseque Collectibles (India): Nitin Jain
9/ Iron Studios (Brazil):
10/ PBM (TBD) (EU)
11/ Big Bad Toy Store (US/Canada):
12/ Toybeat (Singapore):
13/ HIVE Online Store:

2. On the Issue of non-licensed regions:

During the Pre-Order, because we were using a new website on a new server, the plugin that was supposed to do region restriction malfunctioned.

This allowed orders from non-licensed regions like USA and Canada to trickle through. There’s a few of such customers, HMO will review the situation and give a solution by the end of tomorrow.

Under no circumstance will HMO sell Zero to non-licensed regions directly.

If you see sellers, official or non-official selling to non-licensed regions, these are once again, not condoned by us. So purchase at your own discretion. The reason is, once sellers assume the role as selling these on the secondary market, we can’t actively police this because it becomes an independent transaction. There’s also too many of these transactions on the web without our knowledge for us to track.

We will work towards acquiring licenses that include NA/Canada in the future. For instance, our upcoming Warhammer statues are selling worldwide.

Thank you for your support!

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