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Morrigan Pre-Orders on 27th October 2017 – Details Inside!

Morrigan Pre-Orders on 27th October 2017 – Details Inside!
October 18, 2017 Team HMO

The long awaited HMO’s Darkstalker:Morrigan 1/4 Statue is going up for Pre-Order on:

Friday, 27th October 2017
11 PM Singapore Time (GMT + 8)


Morrigan (Regular): 450 ES – 699 USD
Morrigan (Player 2 Variant): 175 ES – 699 USD
Morrigan Ultimate Collector’s Set (Regular + Player 2 + Matching Edition Plates): 50 ES – 1399 USD

The link will be released on our HMO Insider Group


**** Important to Complete the Following****

Step 1: Click on bit.ly/hmomorrigan and submit your E-mail if you are not on our information mailing list

Step 2: Click on bit.ly/morriganevent and indicate your interest to join the Online Event


See you on the 27th October, 11 pm Singapore Time SHARP. We will be LIVE with you guys.

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  1. Earl Gould 1 year ago

    I tried to sign up for Morrigan notification but never received an email. My email is earlgould5@gmail.com

  2. andyprentice 1 year ago

    I hope I can get one form the waitlist!

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