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Iconic Games

Why are some iconic games are never forgotten? Because they brought something new to their genre and made sure their novelty inspired every other game in their category.

We will touch upon three such games. But be prepared to take a trip down memory lane! You’ll remember exactly why exactly are these games included on the list. Will it be an Action Adventure, Action Platformer or Fighting Genre? 

Devil May Cry

GameSpot has described the game as “successfully captur[ing] the twitch-based, relentlessly free-flowing gameplay style of so many classic 2D action games.”

And it does. Devil May Cry spawned a new subgenre of action games based on stylish combat. You mow down hordes of enemies like flies, and it all flows naturally. All while executing impossible-looking combos.

And during the PlayStation 2 era, the game had stunning graphics. People could enjoy the slaughter of thousands of demons because it was just awesome to look at.

Just look at Dante here, standing over a slain Marionette with his action movie hero pose.

All of these characteristics made Devil May Cry one of those iconic games to which all 3D action games are compared. Until something else comes along to steal its fire, the game will continue to hold the crown.

Mega Man X

No characters will come too close when we are talking about the most iconic action platformer series from the ’80s until today, wait, what, the 21st centuries? Yes, Mega Man will definitely take the throne away.

All gamers alike will surely remember about his iconic X-Buster on his left arm, his most powerful weapon. Converts solar energy into a high powered beam. You can see all the details of his mechanical parts and infamous blaster here

It is also due to the claimed success of the original series, it helped Capcom to continue releasing NES titles well into the 16-bit era where Mega Man X game was born.

After its release, Mega Man X becomes widely acclaimed by critics. Gaming magazines in the United States and Europe including Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), GameProGame PlayersNintendo PowerSuper Play, and the German version of Total! consistently lauded the game’s visuals, audio, control, and overall game-play.

Game Players summarized it as:

“a near-perfect cart with classic game-play, excellent graphics and sound and tons of hidden items and power-ups”. 

Nintendo Power stated that the game had

“great control and fun” along with “challenging play”

Meanwhile, haha, lots talked about games hurt your education! Capcom and it’s Mega Man series proved everyone wrong yet again and again with this iconic series.

King of Fighters 98′

Many women stole our hearts in their excellent fighting games. There is no shortage of them, starting from Chun-Li and ending with Morrigan in ‘Darkstalkers’

But one of them stands out from the crowd. King of Fighters features Mai Shiranui (不知火 舞), an alluring Ninja Girl from Japan. You can check her out here in all her glory.

Inside the King of Fighters series tournament, Mai Shiranui is a regular character participating in the annual tournaments by forming the Women Fighters Team.

As based on her name, “Mai”, is the Japanese word for “dance”, and her surname is the title of a Japanese optical phenomenon similar to will-o’-the-wisp, in reference to the character’s pyrokinetic abilities. These powers enable her to cloak herself in fire; channel it through her clothes, weapons and anything she touches; and cause explosions. She can change her clothes in an instant, as well as to temporarily stay airborne, float, glide and control her movements and change directions in mid-air, and is also a master of climbing and stealth. Her fighting style is to “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

Mai Shiranui weapons are her “Fire Butterfly Fans” that can be used in close quarters and as projectiles. 

She furthermore has a variety of hand-to-hand combat maneuvers, such as a diving attack (“Flying Squirrel Dance”) and a rushing cartwheel kick followed by an elbow strike (“Deadly Ninja Bees”).

Mai Shiranui beautiful and stimulating appeal escalated her popularity in Japan and worldwide, while the character is regarded as the female icon of SNK. According to Kotaku’s Ashcraft writing in 2010, “Mai is one of the most popular and recognizable fighting game characters. Her image has been recreated in countless figurines and endless fan art.”


Well, here they are, our top picks for games that managed to grab a spot in history. Devil May Cry for PlayStation 2, Mega Man X in the bits gaming days, and King of Fighters for the fighting games fans.

What do you think of the list? What games do you consider have had a lasting impact on the industry (and beyond)?

Be sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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