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[➡️HMO x Gamesworkshop Presents: Guilliman vs Chaos Marine Diorama in 1/6 Scale]

We’re glad to put this gallery back up of this absolute beast of a display that went up in a historic unveiling event last weekend!

This means alot to us because this diorama is the absolute first of it’s kind… a breakthrough concept.. the inaugural experience of bringing Primarchs and iconic characters to large scale.

After many months of close collaboration with top industry professionals and the amazing team at Games Workshop, we present to you this spell-binding diorama recreating the iconic scene of Guilliman waking up from slumber and… boy, is he mad to meet a Black Legion CSM!

So, what’s up with this first in the line up of breakthrough dioramas?

> A sculpt that was painstakingly recreated to be representative of every single detail.. Detail that is true to the original Guilliman miniature designs from Warhammer 40,000

> Master-grade paint work and detailing recreated by miniature paint specialists Kolectiv SG to match the classic and all familiar Warhammer 40,000 style

> The first of it’s kind: never been seen before iconic 40K characters and scenes to life in large scale 3-Dimensions.

> A massive masterpiece for display: at an estimated 25″ tall, it’s massively stunning in all angles and will be the centrepiece of any Warhammer fan’s collection.

More to come for your collection: With more breakthrough diorama designs already planned on its way, this is something that you definitely would not want to miss out on.

To not miss out as we bring you more photographs, official releases and videos… and the Pre-Order event details in November.

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*Prototype approval in progress, there may be changes to the unmasked portrait and paint colours