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Here are the awesome nominees this month from our Insider Group at!


  1. Ren by Bjorn Cederline – beautiful colours and tones.. the Universe of Bathos comes to life!

2. Ren by Christian Saenjaina Hansen – beautiful studio shots!

3. Ren by James Lee – we love that dramatic lighting!

4. Ren by Shaun Pearson – beautiful desert landscape as a backdrop


5. Ren by Kris Bales – Ren looks cool even waiting for the bus!



And the winner for February is… Bjorn Cederline!


HMO Community Photographer Award is a monthly competition whereby HMO collectors post up their best photographs of HMO pieces they own! To take part, simply whip out your cameras, get creative, and post up your best pictures on our Insider Group at

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