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First Official Look at HMO’s Sorrow

First Official Look at HMO’s Sorrow
May 21, 2018 Team HMO


Sorrow in 1:4 Scale is HMO’s brand new release from the Bounties of Bathos Universe.

The Bathos Universe is a conceptual line from HMO, specifically created to tease your senses with breakthrough ideas and designs. Each character and statue combines never-been-seen elements to create a truly unique statue. Think of it as crazy ideas hot off the HMO laboratory.

Sorrow is an Inter-Dimensional Space Hunter/ Aqua Knight and one of the four knights of Conner who serve the Crow King. It is said her armour was forged in the very city of Atlantis, imbued with the elements of Magic. Her meteorite-steel sword makes her an incredibly deadly warrior despite her petite stature.

This Limited Edition line from HMO’s conceptual archives is only available for Pre-Orders by application, rather than public.

We are accepting applications now, simply click this link and fill up the form: bit.ly/hmosorrow

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