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As there are many questions with respect to Morrigan’s PO… Warhammer.. Dante’s Shipping, here’s a complete answer to all that you guys have been asking!

We are a lean team with incredibly high standards for our production copies, so while we are working overtime to deliver your statues, certain pieces may have timeline setbacks to ensure you get the best possible product in your collection. This is HMO’s approach and our values. We give priority to production quality, rather than unnecessary haste.


When is Morrigan’s Pre-Order?

We’ve had an incredible demand for Morrigan with a daily flood to our inbox asking us if we can make special arrangements to secure Pre-Orders for this item. The answer is, we will not be doing special favors for individuals in order to be fair to all our buyers. Everyone will have an equal opportunity on PO day, which is coming up soon.

Morrigan’s Pre-Order date has been pushed back slightly as we are not entirely satisfied with the eyes of this masterpiece and are working it out with Capcom.

You can expect it very soon in the coming weeks. Watch out daily, for announcements on our Facebook group at


Shipping Dates for Megaman, Ren, Siren

Megaman X – Expected Shipping Date in Nov 2017

Bounties of Bathos Ren – Expected Shipping Date in Oct 2017

Beastly Beauties Siren Bust – Expected Shipping Date in Nov 2017


When Can You See Warhammer?

You can expect a teaser or so for our first epic diorama in the coming weeks.


What’s Up with Dante’s Shipping in North America?

We thank you for your patience with Dante, especially the North American customers.

The reason for the longer shipping times is because of 2 reasons.

The first being, we opted for a different route to produce immense shipping fee savings for you!

The good news is that Dante is already in North American warehouses.

The second reason for the longer shipping time is because warehouses logistics are now tallying up the box serial numbers for release. Because Dante comes in 2 separate boxes, and we want you to get the correct boxes, this process takes slightly longer than usual.


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