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When we look back on 2016-17, the launch of our original Bounties of Bathos Universe with the first reveal of female Protagonist Ren would forever be a milestone in HMO’s history of giving you high end and beautiful collectibles.

Ren was many months of design and creative discussion for the HMO team to give you an unprecedented product that has never been made on the market. Naturally, when the internet exploded with critical acclaim for the piece, the team was incredibly thrilled.

So, here’s a hearty congratulations to you, the collector who snagged an extremely rare piece, of which all were sold out almost immediately upon launch.


We are also pleased to see prices on the secondary market rocket for this piece! Although it is by no means a direct measure of collectibility and quality, it assures us that your interests as a collector of rare and premium statues are safeguarded.

For those who ordered, you are receiving:

  1. One out of 125 pcs (worldwide!) of a very rare product
  2. A highly detailed sculpt based on original creative concepts by a world-class team
  3. A production standard achieved under the guidance of a Master-class Shokunin painter
  4. Very limited edition 2D art print

Coming soon, to HMO collectors.

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