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We are pleased to announce that we have resolved all rights issues with HMO’s Bounties of Bathos line.

Bounties of Bathos’ original co-creator, Mufizal will be assuming full leadership and direction to produce more amazing pieces for the Bathos Universe.

Following the sold out releases of Ren and the Crow King, HMO fans can expect more awesome original concepts from the lore of the Bathos Universe, starting from Sorrow and then Necrosis.

The Bounties of Bathos line is not for all collectors, but specifically for a special group of HMO supporters who are looking to appreciate artistry and concept designs not available on the market.

HMO expects to keep the edition sizes of the Bathos line extremely low to pay homage to the early supporters, and to cater to this special group of collectors who are looking for uniqueness and artistry in their pieces!

Crow King is shipping over the next Quarter, as it is single largest and most complex piece ever produced by HMO. Sorrow PO is coming up with the shipping of Crow King.

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