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Let us introduce you to Ren.

Ren: Symbol of Strength, Beauty and Hope on Bathos

Ren is the main protagonist of Bathos. She was born in the small city of Sera, a daughter of a sniper who survived the Two Great Wars of Bathos.

From a tender young age, she was taught to fight, shoot and survive in the harsh desert realms.

Left with mortal injuries from her encounter with the Zectus King, Dealer, she was saved by first mech-builders of Bathos, Zero and the Crow King. Bestowed with techno-organic parts and armed with a taste for vengeance, Ren emerged stronger, meaner and more beautiful than ever before.

Now, you can experience the thrill and beauty of Bathos in the Third Dimension.
This is Ren, brought to life as a spell-binding Quarter Scale statue.

Next-Gen High Precision Production Techniques

Ren was sculpted from next-gen sculpting techniques and produced with industry leading standards to reproduce the details of her mechanised body parts.

It's all in the fine details that bring out the magnificence of this production.

Master-Grade Paint Apps

We know the importance of having a master-grade paint application, which is why we spent extra time and resources to make sure that paint app is oozing with unbelievable realism and flavour.

Ren's paints were worked on by a Shokunin of collectible painting, a true expert in his realm.

Above all, we know that its important to you, as a collector, to have a that consistent quality of paint over an already great sculpt.

UVT Technology

What you're seeing on Ren's eyepiece is not Photoshopped. We employed HMO's UVT Tech to make parts of Ren's armour, mech and gear literally pop under ultraviolet-wavelength lights.

The result? We could make micro-scale parts of Ren luminesce without deploying actual LED bulbs into the sculpt. No more collector worries about electronics breaking down over time, because what you have are luminescent parts that just keep working.

Switch Out Visor Headsculpt

Ren comes with a beautiful switchout Visor headsculpt option in addition to the standard portrait.

Accompanying Comic & Novelization

Every Ren statue comes with an accompanying novelization and comic pages to draw you right into the high octane world of Bathos!

The accompanying comics are carefully crafted to lead you into a memorable moment in the Bathos universe represented by the statue collectible.
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How we created a breath-taking universe from a team of industry-leading artists.
4 years ago, we gathered a dream team of industry-leading artists across the globe, from digital sculptors to painters and conceptual artists. The vision was simple but irresistibly powerful.

We wanted to create a breath-taking universe, from scratch, with an innate thrill and beauty that none had experienced till date.

The immense lure of the creative vision was so strong that we immediately sat down, hardly able to contain the excitement and the ideas that poured forth like a gushing river from our collective minds.

The culmination of 4 years of experiential design and production led to a startling discovery of a world that had been always been lurking in the deepest recesses of our minds.

Now, we do not think we created this universe. No - We merely discovered it within our collective subconsciousnesses of the team.

Introducing, the Bathos Universe...
In the Dawn of Time, there were the Victus, a powerful race that existed eons before the Humans ever did. The Victus were born warriors. 

With their gift of strength, came the curse of violence as their existence was plagued by a perpetual cycle of wars spanning the galaxy, which left pain and devastation in its wake.

Cursed by the Creator for their sins, the Victus were rendered infertile and unable to pro-create to produce offspring of pure-blood.

The Victus traversed the Universe until they stumbled upon a small, inhabited planet by the name of Earth, where they found the women to be Fair and Beautiful. They were able to mate and produce a hybrid race which came to be known as the Zectus.

Genetically advanced and gifted with abilities and power, the Zectus grew strong in numbers and strength, eventually enslaving the Humans on the hellish desert planet of Bathos. 

Unspeakable horrors lay beneath the barren sands of Bathos, as Humans were unnaturally bred and born as Hybrid-slaves to the Zectus. Amidst the pain and suffering, the Humans called out to a saviour and a chosen child who would lead them to a better time.

In designing the characters of Bathos, we had to capture the power and grinding-pain of being a organo-tech being.

Each character in the Bathos Universe that we have lined up for you is painstakingly conceived, re-conceived and birthed to after a highly demanding design process. 

When you come to know more about the Bathos Universe, you will find that each character is unique and each character has essence.

And now, we are bringing these amazing characters to life, to the third-dimension and above all, to you, as massive 1/4 Scale Premium Collectibles.

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